Ford Kuga 2019 Release Date and Price

Ford Kuga 2019 Release Date and Price

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Ford Kuga 2019 Release Date and Price

Ford Kuga 2019 Release Date – After just four years on sale, Ford’s junior SUV was replaced with a new version. Which is a shame, because we like the old Ford Kuga, especially the way it looked and the way it went down the road.

For this, we can blame the Americans. Because when the time came to replace the shoddy. But popular Escape, they took one look at the Ford Kuga and decided that would do nicely. But new Fords must now be global, and the Kuga was very much a Euro thing, and so it was decided that an all-new one would be built. It has essentially become a victim of its own success.

2019 Ford Kuga 

Ford Kuga 2019 Release Date

2019 Ford Kuga Engine

Ford revised the Kuga’s engine range last year. Following the modern downsizing trend, the 1.6T becomes a 1.5T, gaining efficiency along the way; take it in either 150bhp or 182bhp guise (yes, that engine is destined for the Fiesta ST). The 2.0-liter diesel has also been improved, now producing up to 180bhp and gaining a big slug of torque along the way. Efficiency is up too: it can now average more than 54mpg. Take the 150bhp FWD model and it now cracks 60mpg.

What the 2019 Ford Kuga loses in dynamic sparkle, in gains in space and value and the boot is up to 200 liters roomier than before, depending on how you position the rear seats, which now reclines to give your passengers a more relaxed posture. Up front, the dash is smarter too, if also rather fiddlier.

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And although it’s not strictly on the inside, there’s an optional, kick-operated tailgate – just swing a leg under the rear bumper and it springs open. Useful when you have armfuls of a toddler. We’ve seen this on Audi A6, but it’s now becoming a feature on more affordable cars.

2019 Ford Kuga Specs

Like the new multinational Focus, the Ford Kuga has lost some of its old magic in favor of a less playful driving experience. There’s a full roster of safety stuff, from lane assist to ‘active nibble compensation’ that counteracts little tugs and pulls through the steering and much of which is standard on higher-spec models like the Ford Kuga Titanium.

The old Haldex 4×4 system has gone, replaced by Ford’s own torque vectoring system. You’ll probably notice the difference up of the driveway, but you’ll have to be driving bravely to feel it at speed.

The good news is that the Kuga uses the Ford’s’ Global C ‘platform as its base, the same as the third-gen Focus’, which means Europe’s best-handling hatchbacks.

As you’d expect, the Kuga has a stainless steel monocoque body, a choice of four-cylinder turbocharged petrol and diesel engines and a six-speed manual or dual-clutch automatic gearboxes and front- or four-wheel drive.

Ford has replaced the old four-wheel drive system’s Haldex hydraulic coupling with its own hardware, which works via an electronically controlled clutch. It can move up to 100 percent of power to the rear and, while it’s still primarily passive, can react within one-seventh of a turn of a slipping front wheel.

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Ford Kuga 2019 Release

2019 Ford Kuga Concept

Its replacement has in effect moved up a class. Measuring over 4.5m long and it’s now a closer match for a Kia Sorento and Hyundai Santa Fe than a Nissan Qashqai or Mazda CX-5 and has kept pace with a facelift version released late in 2016, which saw more inspiration drawn from the US market, the inclusion of a new Ford SUV corporate grille – seen formerly on the Edge – and the addition of new trims including the sporty ST-Line and the luxury-focussed Vignale.

The repositioning of the 2019 Ford Kuga is a crucial part of the Ford of Europe’s growth strategy; Ford is aiming to displace the more traditional ‘sports utility’ brands and lead the 4×4 market and with the emergence of the new and very large Edge

Boot space, too, is learned improved. It’s not outstanding, but a minimum of 800mm of load length with the second row in place and 1080mm of usable width is close enough to the 4×4 norm.

On quality and appearance and the Kuga’s cabin meets Ford’s usual high standards. The fascia is designed in the now-familiar Ford style and is made out of a mix of grained plastics, inlay trims in dark gray and matte chrome detailing.

It is much the same dashboard as you’ll find in the Focus and C-Max and there are no special 4×4 touches such as pillar-mounted handles or Neoprene seat covers. The ambiance is simpler than that – one of a modern, normal, substantial, quality car for everyday family use.

2019 Ford Kuga Release Date and Price

We expect the vehicle to get into the marketplace at the beginning of 2019. We do not get accurate information about the price for Ford Kuga 2019. If there are changes we will immediately notify you. so, follow our blog updates.

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