2020 Ford Raptor V8 Ecoboost Review

2020 Ford Raptor V8 Option Specs

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2020 Ford Raptor V8 Option Specs

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When the second generation Raptor, producers announced that we should expect anything new in the machine as 2020 Ford Raptor V8 Option. It means that the engine in the current version of the Raptor can change, as well as transmission and engine size.

So, instead of (or along with) 6.2-liter V10 that nowadays, can’t find another version as a 7.0-liter V8 model. It can also be an addition to the new line of hybrid Toyota engines that were announced as 2020 generation truck.

2020 Ford Raptor V8 Option

2020 Ford Raptor V8 Ecoboost

2020 Ford Raptor V8 Option Engine

The machine is really the biggest change in 2020 Ford Raptor V8 Option and that it is an addition to the present 3.5-liter V6 and substitute 6.2-liter V8 models.

There are plans to keep the same 6.2-liter engine, but with a version of the V10, too, but, according to the manufacturer, the V8 should be much more economical than the version of the V10 and certainly more effective.

The new engine should get a new 10-speed automatic transmission, as well. When it comes to speed, the 3.5-liter engine has a power of 510 horsepower, so the new version can be much stronger, with lower fuel consumption is lower.

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2.0-liter oil stand Coif turbo 4-cylinder seaplane i4. Was overcome for Ford’s new 10-speed automatic, the same may be located in the F-150. And the American version of the Ranger.

It makes 210 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque control over Colorado 2.8 liter diesel with 169 hp and 369 pound-feet of torque. Power was not announced to US ranger 2.3-liter turbo EcoBoost four, but expect gasoline engines get more horses, but less torque.

2020 Ford Raptor V8 Option Exterior

2020 Ford Raptor V8 Option remain the same design, at least in the form and size of the track. It has a design that is very aggressive and muscular, with wide metallic protection on the bottom and large lattice grid that carries a large logo in the middle.

In addition are the two great lights framed in line daily not a classic LED lights. The back has a flat door rod and the backlight is thin, as before. The manufacturer announced new intelligent electronic chocks with continuous damping better driving performances.

Fender with a blanket suspension of housing a massive upgrade, Ranger Raptor looks like an F-150. raptor bird. This is exactly what I hope most of us. At the forefront of Ranger F-150 Raptor. Strip the Grill and replace the Blue Oval’s “Ford’s” in the number of capital letters. Steel bumper before adding LED lighting and curtains aerodynamic air recently. There are a few hook plate and Derek fuck right under your nose.

The fenders were much wider. See extra sheet metal on the banks of lights. Provides extra wide fenders needed to fit the long travel suspension and wider wheels and tires.

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The truck was 67.3 inches wide at the front and rear track. New bumper and 11.1 inches of ground clearance give 32.5-degree approach angle of the trucks, the corner-over 24 degrees and a departure angle of 24 degrees.

2020 Ford Raptor V8 Ecoboost Specs

2020 Ford Raptor V8 Option Interior

Cabin in 2020 Ford Raptor will be almost unchanged from the last model, meaning that the list of features and equipment must be the same this time, too.

However, the producers say that there may be little changed the design of the cabin, so we expect a simple Orange interior and perhaps redesigned seats. Equipment must be the same as on all Ford truck now.

Rear bumper rear, modified now has a pair of Tow Hooks. Sensors and a towing connection have also changed. While Ranger Raptor wider overall, it doesn’t seem like the interior dimensions of the beds has increased.

There is bird raptor logo on the rear fender and tailgate. Changes in the interior are much more subtle. The steering wheel has a strip in the middle to show the top position. The seats have finished faux suede upholstery and the backrest as well as modified for increased comfort.

2020 Ford Raptor V8 Option Release Date and Price

Release date late 2020 Ford Raptor V8 will be known later, but it should be offered as 2020 model. As we know that the price of the Raptors is always on top of the $50,000, with a more powerful engine was recent could be higher. There are only a few competitors may 2020 Ford Raptor V8 Option and they are already on the market, except for a few whom producers planning to increase.

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Among the competitors was the Toyota Diesel Toyota Tundra, Tacoma, Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Acadia Riper, while Nissan announced that they would increase their frontier Navara, and while Toyota is to redesign the 4Runner them to become more competitive with the Raptor.

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