2020 Ford Gran torino Review Rumors

2020 Ford Gran Torino Review Rumors

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2020 Ford Gran Torino Review Rumors

Ford Gran Torino –  We did not find any official information from ford related to the latest release of Ford Gran Torino. what we present to you is just a rumor.

The original Ford Torino was a medium size family car that was originally an upscale Fairlane version. Later on the road, this car became a pretty successful standalone model, especially with a two-door body style.

It’s bigger than a Mustang, and also offers a more powerful engine at the base trim level. Unfortunately, for the last four decades, the car has been lost from the market, but there are some rumors about the new Torino Ford.

This rumor first started in early 2014 when some leaked information indicated that Ford would be working on an entirely new model. One possibility is to revive Torino’s nameplate but from then on we did not receive many details on this.

2020 Ford Gran Torino

2020 Ford Gran torino Review

2020 Ford Gran Torino Engine

Actually, there is the little solution for Ford related to powertrain; The main and easiest option may match the current machine success in the Mustang collection – you’ll start with that 5. 0-liter VCT V8 on the GT (435 BHP) as much as the GT350 arranged with Shelby – 5. two-liter V8 (520 BHP).

Or only those who can adjust to the new options of the EcoBoost Engine like the 3. 5 liters two turbo V6 (400 BHP) or just get the problem designed for the Torino.

2020 Ford Gran Torino Concept Design

Unfortunately, this speculation has never been confirmed. But it seems Torino may not be a myth. The car will be resurrected as a successor to Taurus. This fits perfectly with the market slots and previous model price point.

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In addition, Ford will also provide enough space to work on future models. We expect Torino to be launched as a sedan as well as a coupe and both should have the same design type, and both should be based on a new platform developed by Ford.

At this point, there is still little information about the basics, but there are strong rumors out there that show the new rear wheel chassis being prepared. It will be developed from Mustang and will share a part with it.

However, it will be more tweaked for convenience and high speed than pure performance. In addition, both the sedan and the coupe are expected to offer a longer wheelbase than the Mustang and both will be physically larger.

2020 Ford Gran torino Interior

2020 Ford Gran Torino Release Date and Price

Since both are likely to be sold over $ 40,000, both versions should get a larger machine as a standard rather than the siblings of their company. Many rumors suggest that Ford can throw their EcoBoost lineup for this and release it with the V8.

This will likely mean that the 5000-liter Coyote will be offered here, and will easily offer more than 400 horsepower and 400 lb-ft of torque while letting the car have a true character of the original muscle car. Automatic 10 speed is also likely to be offered, but it seems that 2020 Ford Gran Torino is rumored to be present with a 6-speed manual as well.

One thing that is quite strange is the info about EcoBoost units that may fall. It is very difficult to believe that Ford invested so much into the development of these units and did not include them into the 2017 Torino Ford. To be honest, we are confident that we will see some EcoBoost units here.

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